Hello! To be honest Basic of Google Apps script is Javascript. Google Apps Script is used to automate Google apps like google sheets, docs, slides, Gmail, calendar API, etc…
In this post, I will guide step by step how we write the first script.

Hello World for Basic of Google Apps Script

First, open the google sheet.
In google sheet menu, click Tools > Script editor… to open a new tab with the code editor window.

Basic of Google Apps Script

In the script editor, between the curly braces after the function myFunction() syntax, write the following line of code so you have this in your code window:

					function myFunction() {
  Browser.msgBox("Hello World!");

after this save the code ctrl+s

Run the function myFunction()
We also need to authorize the script for the first time. If we are running the script first time, it will ask to authorize the script for “Gmail” and “Google Drive” access. Authorize it. You can see this post to authorize it

Script runs successfully and back to sheet prompt will opens in the sheet.

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